Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mckenzie Goff Throwaway Part...

Mckenzie has been filming his ass off his is some extra footage he heas filmed over the past two years...

Mckenzie Goff

Past Few Days...

Filming alot way to much shit to be done. Here are some recent photos...

june  130 by you.
june  129 by you.
New Ledge?
june  126 by you.
june  127 by you.
june  128 by you.
june  121 by you.
june  122 by you.
june  123 by you.
june  124 by you.
june  125 by you.

Chase Burgess...

Chase has been working his ass off for this video. Over the past two years hes gathered up tons of throwaway. You've seen some in the throwaway montages, but heres a throwaway part from Chase with never before seen footage...

Chase Burgess

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Past Week...

sssss  090 by you.
Wizard Staffs!
sssss  089 by you.
Jerry drinks a good bit, it got about double this and he had to get knocked out cause he was talking to much shit haha, good ole Jerry.
sssss  088 by you.
sssss  087 by you.
Working on the new retrato vivido promo. You can see it at the Fedex Has A Posse Premier MAY 30. Be there.
sssss  086 by you.
Filming hard these last few months.
sssss  085 by you.
Im Gay.
sssss  084 by you.
Rick Ross Made it out.
kyle  082 by you.
Kyler one.
kyle  081 by you.
kyle  078 by you.
More to come. Keep in touch for new clips... I swear.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New York City...

On the fuckin road to columbia to snag tripp...
nyc  049 by you.
Cartons of Marbs fuck 10 dollars a pack in nyc.
nyc  048 by you.
nyc  047 by you.
Picking Up Tripp at Bluetile!
nyc  046 by you.
Tripp making beautiful music... Leaving Columbia at 3pm
nyc  045 by you.
Arrived in Brooklyn, Ny at 530am...
nyc  044 by you.
On the roof at Jt and adams...
nyc  003 by you.
nyc  004 by you.
Mckenzie Stogin at the apartment...
nyc  005 by you.
The pizza god its good.
nyc  006 by you.
Rained one day...
nyc  007 by you.
so great not driving!
nyc  008 by you.
Dude slayed it for change in the subway...
nyc  009 by you.
Headed to the house.
nyc  010 by you.
had to carry around all that shit all day everyday for miles! shit sucked.
nyc  011 by you.
nyc  012 by you.
nyc  013 by you.
nyc  014 by you.
nyc  015 by you.
nyc  016 by you.
China Town.
nyc  017 by you.
nyc  018 by you.
The breakfast place down the street was the shit...
nyc  019 by you.
nyc  020 by you.
Dick Chicken is on the cum up!
nyc  021 by  022 by  023 by  024 by you.
Statue of Liberty...
nyc  025 by you.
nyc  026 by you.
Pigeons shit everywhere!
nyc  027 by you.
nyc  041 by you.
nyc  042 by you.
nyc  028 by  029 by you.
nyc  030 by  031 by you.
nyc  032 by you.
nyc  033 by  034 by  035 by  036 by  037 by you.
nyc  038 by  039 by  040 by you.
nyc  002 by you.
Gotta go back soon!