Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Past Week...

sssss  090 by you.
Wizard Staffs!
sssss  089 by you.
Jerry drinks a good bit, it got about double this and he had to get knocked out cause he was talking to much shit haha, good ole Jerry.
sssss  088 by you.
sssss  087 by you.
Working on the new retrato vivido promo. You can see it at the Fedex Has A Posse Premier MAY 30. Be there.
sssss  086 by you.
Filming hard these last few months.
sssss  085 by you.
Im Gay.
sssss  084 by you.
Rick Ross Made it out.
kyle  082 by you.
Kyler one.
kyle  081 by you.
kyle  078 by you.
More to come. Keep in touch for new clips... I swear.